On Tuesday August 6, 2019 the Sterling Heights Rotary Club, in conjunction with the Sterling Heights Police Department, conducted our annual Bike Safety Helmet Program. Each year the Sterling Heights Rotary Club purchases several hundred bike helmets that the Rotary members then fit and size on local Sterling Heights children. This tradition continues to draw a vast amount of attention with the line of kids waiting for a bike helmet, taking hours to get through all the kids and properly fit them with a bike helmet. Every Bike Helmet is provided at no cost to the family and Rotarian's work diligently to ensure each kid is properly fitted. In addition to this project, the Sterling Heights Rotary club helped build and now maintain the bike trail that can be found near City Hall. This trail provides a safe and tranquil route for residents of the city to enjoy a bike ride. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make these projects possible. 
The Annual Night Out is hosted by the Sterling Heights Police Department each year in August, outside city hall. In addition to Rotary's Bike Helmet fitting, the police department sets up a bicycle obstacle course, brings fire and police vehicles out for the kids to explore and gathers several other organizations that promote safety in the community. As always there are food items for everyone's enjoyment, including hot dogs and ice cream. 
To learn more about this and other Sterling Heights Rotary Projects, join us at one of our Thursday meetings. Meeting information can be found on our homepage.