The club bulletin (alternatively known as tne club newsletter Sterling Silver) is a vital part of this website and is normally published after each regular meeting. Information other than what is published in the newsletter is kept in the club website.  Click on the 'Bulletin" icon under the club logo at the top of the website ho.  me pageFor more information about this website & bulletin, please click on "Read more" or the title of this section.
Slower changing or unchanging information will stay on the website for much longer periods of time than the faster changing information in the Club Newsletter.
Facebook sites can also be used for communication purposes, as well as other social media. Many individuals have Facebook pages. Rotary district 6380 and Sterling Heights club both have Facebook pages. Websites and Facebook pages complement each other. Many people can put up Facebook information very quickly. This is often important. However, Facebook information fades back in time very quickly and disappears quickly.

Club members may view internal club documents by logging into this website. A category entitled View Club Documents will appear on the left hand side and members may click on that item for such items as minutes of board meetings, financial reports and other items for club members.