Posted by Michael J. Saigh on May 10, 2018
Some of the activities that the Interact Club performs.  They have been awarded by the Red Cross for having had one of the largest and successful blood donation in the area. 
They have visited nursing homes talking with the residents and giving comfort that someone cares about them.  They have brought little animals for the residents to hold which, has some remarkable effects on the residents.
Also, discovering the needs of some senior residents and providing cleanup services such as yard work or painting for them at their homes.
They have used car washing as one of their fundraiser.
More information forthcoming.
The Interact Club of Henry Ford High School II was established in 1992.  It was established by Merle Loch, Dennis Torp, both past District Governors and Mike Saigh.  Merle Loch has transferred to another club and Dennis Torp has passes away.  Mike, now 28 year as a Rotarian, is still the coordinator of our club to the Henry Ford High II Interact Club.
The charter directors were Tom Nelson and Lou Sitran.  Matt Trombley is the current director and has been since 2008.  The Interact Club is a junior Rotary Club at the high school level ages, from 13-18 years.  They follow the same guidelines as the Rotary Club but, can modify to fit their own situations.